Table of Contents

Serious Job Seeker
Online edition
The Serious Job Seeker is published as a continuously updated online career planning resource.  It is a complete and interactive career development course, textbook and online companion to the print and Kindle editions of the book.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Are you a serious job seeker? Take the Serious Job Seeker IQ Test!

1.2 The Big Picture

1.3 Career Planning Challenges: the tasks that lie ahead ...

How to Organize Your Job Search

2.0 How to Organize Your Job Search with a Career Binder ... absolutely essential!

Awareness: How to Figure Out Who Is Hiring

3.0 Awareness: you need to know who's hiring!

3.1 Awareness: change happens!

3.2 Awareness: do this exercise!

 How to Research Your Career Options

4.0 Researching Your Career Options: Introduction

4.1 Researching Your Career Options using Published Information on the Web

4.2 Research Strategy: Tasks and Summary

Focus: Self-Assessment

5.0 Self-Assessment: Don't leave home without it!

5.1 Self-Assessment: What is your career personality type?

5.2 Self-Assessment: Skills Assessment Introduction

5.3 Self-Assessment: Skill Assessment Exercises ... 3 tasks to complete

Focus: More Self Assessment

6.0 More Self Assessment: Getting What You Want Out of Life!

6.1 Identifying Your Work Values and Your Work Priorities

6.2 Inventorying and Identifying Your Key Knowledge Areas

6.3 Finding Life Interests and Pursuing Your Passion

6.4 Identifying Your Ideal Life/Work Environment

6.5 Setting your Goals and Priorities

6.6 Procrastination Wastes Your Time and Your Life

Putting it All Together

7.0 Putting it All Together: Your Career Chart

7.1 Job Search Correspondence: The Essential Letters You Will Use to Get Hired

How to Develop a Job Search Strategy

8.0 Introduction: Networking to Your Perfect Job

8.1 Researching Career and Job Options

8.2 What you will learn from an informational interview

8.3 How to find people to interview

8.4 How to arrange an Informational Interview

8.5 How to approach an informational interview ... questions to ask

8.6 After the informational interview ... tasks and follow-up

8.7 The Biggest Mistakes Job Seekers Make - Fear of Applying

8.8 Get Moving - Job Search Quick Organization Plan

8.9 Successful Career and Job Option Research Experience

8.10 Networking to Your Perfect Job is a Contact Sport!

8.11 a monster waste of time

How to Develop Perfect Resumes and Portfolios - The Essentials of Your Presentation - Part 1

9.0 Presenting Yourself with a Resume ... resumes explained

9.1 Resume Samples

9.2 Portfolio Construction: a presentation tool for advanced serious job seeking

9.3 Only Yahoos Lie on Their Resumes

9.4 Your Resume is Killing You

How to Prepare for Job Interviews - The Essentials of Your Presentation - Part 2

10.0 Interviews

10.1 What to do before, during and after interviewing

10.2 Typical Questions Asked During Interviews

10.2 Part B Interview Questions Study Guide

10.3 Quick Guide to Phases of A Successful Job Interview

10.4 Asking the Interviewer Questions Gets the Job!

10.5 Phone Interviews Done Right!

10.6 Interview and Dining Etiquette: You are being judged!

10.7 Costly Errors That Kill Job Offers

10.8 Slobs Don’t Get Jobs!

10.9 How Employers Evaluate the Candidates

10.10 Youthful Indiscretions

10.11 Does the handshake matter?

10.12 Polishing Your Interviewing Skills: A Word to ESL Candidates

10.13 Practical Strategies for Optimal English Communication During Interviews

10.14 Drug Testing

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

11.0 Salary Negotiations: Getting Paid What You Are Worth

11.1 Is That Salary Negotiable?

11.2 Sources for Researching What you are Worth

11.3 What You Bring to the Table Determines What An Employer will Pay You

11.4 Computing Your Worth

11.5 Why is What You are Paid so Important?

11.6 Survival Job: Paying the bills while you look

11.7 Individuals and Society Suffer When People are Underpaid

11.8 What are your salary requirements? A Question You Should Never Answer!


12.0 What is a Good Reference and What Should You Give Your References?

12.1 Sample of What to Give to Your Reference

12.2 Can We Contact Your Current Employer?

12.3 Sample Reference Page

Which Offer Should You Take?

13.0 Which Offer Should You Take?

13.1 Assessing the Offer

13.2 Self Assessment for Offer Decisions

13.3 Quantitative Analysis for Job Offers

13.4 Making the decision

13.5 Evaluating the Offer

13.6 The Facts

13.7 Analyze the Offer: It’s OK To Say No

Surviving a Layoff

14.0 The Value of Positive Thinking

14.1 Keep Calm and Carry On

14.2 Leaving Gracefully: how to handle job termination and start setting a course for your future

14.3 What Have You Been Doing During for the Last two Years? The Dodge Durango Answer

14.4 Protecting Yourself After A Job Loss

Managing Your Career

15.0 Managing Your Career

15.1 Quitting is an Option

15.2 Thnking About quitting Your Job? Think Again

15.3 Got Balance?

15.4 Resilience

15.5 How Procrastination Wastes Your Time and Your Life

15.6 Managing Your Career During the Coronavirus Crisis

15.7 Your Job is Killing You and You are Letting it Happen!