11.0   Salary Negotiations: Getting Paid What You Are Worth

Getting paid what you are worth is essential to your career health! Negotiating is a skill and an art, and you are going to learn how to negotiate for the salary you deserve.

Salary discussions are one of the final steps in the job search process. Until the employer has actually made you an offer, you are not going to ask what a job pays and you are not going to discuss what you want. If the offer is lower than you expected, you need to be prepared to make the next move. It starts with the question: “Is That Salary Negotiable?

But before you ask that question, you need to do your homework. When it comes to getting paid what you are really worth, you can't just guess. You won't be prepared unless you: first research current salary data, second itemize your assets relative to the particular position, and third compute your worth.

Computing your worth is going to involve some additional calculations. Every job offer brings with it positives and negatives that have to be figured into your ultimate negotiating position and final decision.

After you have determined that a potential employer is open to negotiations, and after you have done your homework, you have to have a negotiating strategy.

We are going to walk through the entire process, step-by-step. And just in case you are feeling intimidated by asking for more or for what you are worth, I'm going to say a few words about why it is so important that you get paid what you should be paid and how society and individuals suffer when employees don't receive fair salaries.