1.0 Introduction

The Serious Job Seeker is a practical guide to career choice, change, search and success.  To be a serious job seeker is to develop a planful life.  This book will help you to develop a career-life plan that allows you to thrive.
The lessons in this book are for anyone engaged at any level in the process of choosing a career, finding a job, making a change, or moving up the ladder.
If you do the work - this book will guide you to your perfect career!  You will learn all of the critical 5 elements of a solid career plan: Job Search Organization, Market Awareness, Career Focus, Self-Assessment, Professional Presentation, and Job Search Strategy.

The Serious Job Seeker will guide you along step-by-step through all of these challenges and help you to make the most of your own personal career adventure.
  • Creating a job search binder
  • Understanding the impact of market forces
  • Identifying your core strengths - your motivated skills, interests, goals, and values
  • Researching your career options
  • Creating spot-on resumes and cover letters
  • Identifying and targeting companies that let you be your best self
  • Developing a solid strategy to get the job you really want
Doing a self-assessment and conducting thorough career research will be critical to your self-presentation and your effectiveness in securing the position you want. You will need to be prepared to tell an employer that you have the skills they are looking for, where you have used them before, and that you are motivated to perform.
After you convince an employer you are the best candidate for the job, you will need to convince them that you are well worth the salary you are going to negotiate.

You are also going to learn that career awareness and focus will remain relevant throughout the course of your work life. There should never be a time when you are not prepared to take advantage of opportunity or to seek the path of your choice.