13.5   Evaluating an Offer

Things to consider when evaluating an offer:

  1. Have you done enough to know you have explored your options thoroughly?
  2. Do you have enough information to make the decision?
  3. Do you like the work?
  4. Will you be learning something that fits with your interests?
  5. Will you gain valuable experience that you can use for your next move?
  6. Do you have a good chance to succeed?
  7. Will you be challenged?
  8. Could you thrive in the company?
  9. Does the work environment feel right?
  10. Do you like the people working there?
  11. Do you like your manager's style?
  12. How are the money and the benefits?
  13. Do you know what your other options are? Could you do better? Are you just taking this offer because it is easy?
  14. Have you worked hard enough to get the right offer or are you being lazy and making due with less than you should?

You are a responsible adult... you can decide which offer to take.