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The Serious Job Seeker is your ultimate guide to the career job search process. 

It provides the tools necessary to create and implement an effective, proactive, career development plan. 

It will help you assess each career move you make relative to how you really want to live your life. 

Available at Amazon:   Print edition $18.95   Kindle edition $4.99

Online edition with exercises, forms and samples from the book.

What People are Saying:

" Any job seeker who utilizes Cici’s book - The Serious Job Seeker -  will be at a huge advantage.”

—Zack Roppel, Software Engineer, Nintendo

"The serious job seeker is seriously the best job seeking tool out there!  This fundamental guide to job searching doesn't sugar coat the process of finding a job, instead it provides you with the tools to reach your goals."
— Makena Pezzuto, Sales Assistant, Four Seasons Hotel

Cici's book allowed me to take my experiences from school to sports and travel and confidently use them in my resume and organize my experiences in order to speak in an interview with strength and confidence.
— Catherine Flynn, Sales Assistant, Alexander McQueen

"Cici’s book is simply the best on the market. The Serious Job Seeker has been instrumental in putting together my career plan and make strategic moves up my career ladder - from high tech at Intel Corporation to green tech.

—Raphael Hitzke, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Enphase Energy