Sample Accomplishment Narrative 2

Sample Accomplishment Narrative
and skill statements
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Day Hike in Desolation in August
An accomplishment I feel good about was my first hiking trip in Desolation Valley.

After becoming interested in hiking and deciding I would enjoy a trek in Desolation, I read about the area. I also got two friends interested in going along.

Before the hike, I decided I would have to get into shape, so we took short hikes at Pt. Reyes and in the Golden Gate Sea Shore area.

I spoke to people from the California Alpine Club about the best areas in Desolation, about weather conditions, and what to bring along in the way of clothing and food. I reviewed maps and checked into the types of terrain we would encounter. And then, I arranged for time off from work.

The hike itself would require a ferry ride across Echo Lakes, so I called for a schedule of departures and reservations. We arrived at Tahoe two days before we planned our hike. We spent one day adjusting to the altitude. The day before the hike I got together last minute items: a first aid kit, peanuts, chocolate and raisins for quick energy, sandwiches, apples, sweaters, swimsuits and a Sierra cup.

The day of the hike we got up early, ate breakfast, gathered our things, and drove to Echo. The ferry deposited us at the trailhead with instructions for summoning it for the return trip. We hiked approximately five miles in and five miles out. After I got past being tired, I thoroughly enjoyed the hike.

I learned during the hike that it was wise to carry your own water into Desolation since there is little fast running water in mid to late summer and it is just not safe to drink from natural sources.
Skills found in the Narrative:

identifying interests
making decisions
analyzing information
communicating with others effectively
persuading others
selling ideas
setting goals
taking on challenges
gathering information
researching written sources
finding experts
asking questions
sharing information in easily understandable language
making lists
making arrangements
reading maps
sharing ideas
seeking advice
planning events
managing details
following instructions
troubleshooting problems