Bob Shallit: Sacramento State adviser puts free job tips online

From the Sacramento Bee ... Bob Shallit's Column:
"Cici Mattiuzzi says her job hunting book contains several self-evaluation quizzes.From her front-row seat on the recession, Sac State career expert Cici Mattiuzzi has seen the increasing frustration of job-seeking college grads. This summer she's doing something about it.
After 31 years in career advising, Mattiuzzi is rewriting her job-hunting book aimed at CSUS engineering/computer science students and turning it into a how-to manual for any job seeker.
Better yet, she's posting the book online - for free - at
Putting it online will cost her some book royalties. She doesn't mind.
"Will it really make a difference in my life? No," she says. "But could it make a difference in some kid's life? Yes." 
The online book, called "The Ultimate Career Planning Manual for the Serious Job Seeker," is not yet finished. But Mattiuzzi is posting chapters and sections as she completes them.
It's filled with personalized features, starting with an "IQ" test to determine if job seekers are really serious - and self-assessment tools to identify their skills and accomplishments.
There's also a personality test to help job hunters determine "who they are" and what jobs best suit them.
By the end of summer, Mattiuzzi will have added résumé templates where "all you have to do is type in your information and it electronically formats this amazing résumé."
Mattiuzzi's advice: Finding a job requires hard work and being prepared to stay at it for months."
"There are jobs out there even in the toughest economy," she says. "You just need to know how to look for them."